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Fearless Flyers Inc. is a Non-Profit, volunteer organisation run by women pilots since 1979 in association with Qantas Airways Ltd and Airservices Australia.


If you are afraid to fly you are not alone.

But what is your fear of flying really costing you?

Almost one in four people has a fear of flying and if you are one of them, you could be missing out on so much more than just a safe, fast and comfortable way to travel. You could also be missing out on a great job, a promotion, an overseas adventure or an important family event.

Would your life be more productive and your horizons wider if you could conquer this fear?

Your fear of flying is real and significant but you were not born with it - you learnt it. Our courses are designed to help you to understand and to deal with your fear. You will learn about aviation from the professionals - pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft engineers, meteorologists, etc. You will also tour aviation facilities not open to the public and tour jet aircraft first hand. Our psychologist will help you analyze your fear and teach you the techniques of relaxation and stress management.

The course culminates with a Qantas flight accompanied by the Fearless Flyers staff.

   Our clients said...

"Attending your course took a lot of courage at first but it was decision that changed my life. I learned so much about aviation that now I have a background of facts on which to revise my thinking about flying rather than my ungrounded fears which were fuelled by newspapers. My successful flight back to my birthplace after years of broken promises proved to me that I could change my long fear of flying."

"Before attending the course I had to travel to most of my business meetings by train. It was getting so often that all the staff on the Southern Aurora knew me by name. Since graduating I have flown over 40 times."