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Course outline

This comprehensive programme, together with individual attention, is the key to the remarkably high success rate we have enjoyed since our courses commenced in 1979.

The following topics are covered:

  • Understanding the psychology of fear.
  • Effective relaxation techniques.
  • What makes an aeroplane fly.
  • Pilots, Engineers and Cabin Crew (their qualifications and training)
  • Aircraft design, testing and maintenance.
  • Meteorology - turbulence (what causes it and what effect it has on an aircraft)
  • Weather forecasting for aviation.
  • Air traffic control.
  • Navigation of commercial aircraft.

The course also includes the following tours where possible:

  • A comprehensive tour of a jet aircraft on the ground. Participants have the opportunity to visit the flight deck with a pilot who will explain the basics of the flight deck and aircraft controls.
  • Tour of the aircraft cabin with a senior Flight Attendant.
  • Tour of the Air Traffic control tower with air traffic controllers where possible.
  • Observe air traffic controllers at work and learn about their training.
  • Tour of the flight simulator training facility and the emergency procedures training facility. (tour applies only in Sydney and Melbourne where these facilities are located)

Course costs

The cost of the course is $950.00 (Effective from the 1st July 2012).

This includes the relaxation tape and other course materials and graduation flight. Also, a Graduation Lunch is included on the day of your flight if flight times permit.

   Our clients said...

"I am just back from your fearless flyers course and got back to Melbourne today! I just wanted to say a big huge huge huge thank you to you and the staff at fearless flyers from me. I know it is a process and I will continue to work on my flying anxiety, in fact am flying to New Zealand this weekend. But the people on your course have given me back my life as I travelled so much before my phobia began and have friends all over the world. My friends and family cant believe I actually got on a plane for the first time in 7 years and I know they are as in debted to you as much as I am."