I cannot express my thanks sincerely enough for all you did for me yesterday and during our Fearless Flyers program over the past two weekends. What we were exposed to was absolutely mind-blowing and the compassion and genuine concern from all the aviation family we were lucky enough to be introduced to was unbelievable. I thank you so much once again and truly hope our paths cross sometime in the future. Very warmest regards always.

Mind blown

Having found the Fearless Flyers website, I peeled through every page and with a few challenges here and there, my fee paid in full, the day had finally come to attend the course at Brisbane’s conveniently located International Airport!

Adamant to learn everything that was being taught, I absorbed it all.

Here I thought I was the only one with a fear of flying to be surrounded in a room with other would be ‘fearesses and fearees!’

As I listened to everyone’s stories, I realized I was not alone and could easily empathize with everyone in the room.

All the Tutors brought to the table much food to digest and that I did, what was presented opened my eyes and calmed my soul, with so many moments of the ‘aha!’, awareness opened a whole new perspective, other times I would think, this is fantastic learning and I wanted more and more.

So many ‘aha’ moments