Just a note to say thank you so much for organising such a wonderful course like Fearless Flyers.

I have tremendous admiration and respect for all of you at Fearless Flyers, to dedicate your time to help people like me who are so afraid to fly it just amazing and you all do it with such commitment, dedication, compassion and care!

Everything about the course was excellent, access to such wonderful facilities, opportunities and above all such dedicated, passionate, caring and understanding people.

Grateful to Fearless Flyers

I don’t think I’ve landed yet. Saturday, 10th May is a day I will not easily forget.

After 47 years on this Earth I didn’t ever think I would ever see the inside of an aeroplane, let alone from 35,000 feet.

The thrill and charge I got from flying and conquering what I believed was impossible is unbelievable.

Thrilled to conquer fear