Attending the course was a very important decision in my life.

Now I know how the plane gets up there, stays up there, all the sounds, pilot training, aircraft maintainence etc!

I want you to know I am flying to San Francisco too. I would have never been able to consider such a trip prior to attending the Fearless Flyers course.

Not only did it help rid me of my fear of flying but it also helped me rid myself of feelings of inadequacy.

You are beautiful people.

Flying to San Francisco

Attending your course took a lot of courage at first but it was a decision that changed my life.

I learned so much about aviation that now I have a background of facts on which to revise my thinking about flying rather than my ungrounded fears which were fuelled by newspapers.

My successful flight back to my birthplace after years of broken promises proved to me that I could change my long fear of flying.

Life changing courage