Thank you to all the great people who run the Fearless Flyers course.  I have just returned from my first return flight and survived!

It was amazing to be able to fly again and get to Melbourne in two hours instead of two days by car.

Everyone in the course contributed in my success, and I am gratefully to be able to have completed the course with such a great group of people.


Back flying again

I am just back from your Fearless Flyers course and got back to Melbourne today!

I just wanted to say a big huge, huge, huge thank you to you and the staff at Fearless Flyers from me.

I know it is a process and I will continue to work on my flying anxiety, in fact am flying to New Zealand this weekend.

But the people on your course have given me back my life as I travelled so much before my phobia began and have friends all over the world.

My friends and family can’t believe I actually got on a plane for the first time in seven years and I know they are as indebted to you as much as I am.

Got my life back