I just wanted to share with you my experience since the fearless flying course in Perth last year.

Firstly, the course was fantastic. Best value of any courses I have ever been on!  Couldn’t rate it highly enough.

Two weeks, following the course I had a train ride booked to Adelaide on the Indian Pacific.  That was booked beforehand, so I did it anyway and drove back to Perth with my dad.

Then I booked a flight to Exmouth to catch up with my family a few weeks later…. A bit scary but totally fine.  It was a low and thick cloud landing without a hitch so that was cool.

Then I kind of went from strength to strength. Being lucky enough to fly for work I flew to Sydney for a conference in June, then the Gold Coast (personal) then Brisbane (work).  Then Darwin in August, Melbourne speaking at a conference in October, then another speaking enagement in Melbourne in November and on to Tassie… .etc.

So I have made it to every capital city in Australia in the last 10 months which I’m really proud of and really thankful to you.

See attached I have made a map of where I have flown.

I have come to love flying.  As an engineer I love the engineering aspects of flying.  I have got into using a flight simulator at home and love that.  Now getting on a plane is a thing of interest and dare I say it almost relaxing (kicking back watching a movie).

You probably get lots of these stories! Happy to share mine at an upcoming course if you like.


Flown to every capital city in 10 months

Attending the course was a very important decision in my life.

Now I know how the plane gets up there, stays up there, all the sounds, pilot training, aircraft maintainence etc!

I want you to know I am flying to San Francisco too. I would have never been able to consider such a trip prior to attending the Fearless Flyers course.

Not only did it help rid me of my fear of flying but it also helped me rid myself of feelings of inadequacy.

You are beautiful people.

Flying to San Francisco