Beautiful day for our fearless flyers in Brisbane

Another beautiful day in Queensland as our Brisbane course, with 15 clients, moved into its second day on 28 May 2017 with presentations on how an aircraft flies and weather.

Here’s our Saturday team with volunteers from Fearless Flying ( Pat, Andrea, Geoff, Graeme and Vicki), our amazing Qantas presenters (Andy, Sophie & Shannon) and psychologist Vanessa.

Some important thanks to our supporters, without whom we couldn’t run the course:

  • Thanks to 2016 graduate Bec who shared her amazing story.
  • We had a great second weekend for Brisbane course too, with a tour of Qantas aircraft and operations.  Thanks to Phil and Andrea for organising.
  • Well done Richard for the Air Traffic Control presentation and Air Traffic Control tower visit. Thanks Geoff and Neal, and duty tower staff.

It was a super Saturday! #blueskies

Touring the Air Traffic Control tower in Brisbane thanks to our supporter, Airservices Australia
More generous support from Qantas which gives course participants incredible access to information and aircraft