A time to stay home and stay safe and well

27 March 2020

Never before in the 41-year history of Fearless Flyers have we seen such disruption to the aviation industry at the global scale we have experienced in recent weeks due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

National and state borders have been closing and travel bans have been imposed, resulting in significant disruption to aviation, as authorities work to reduce the pandemic’s spread.

People’s safety and wellbeing are the highest priority and Fearless Flyers wishes all of our graduates, volunteers and aviation sector colleagues, and your families, good health through these challenging times.

We never imagined the need to say something like this,
but for now, please stay home and stay safe and well.

We particularly want to send our love and support to our wonderful partners in the aviation industry who have been deeply impacted. To our many helpers and friends at Qantas and Airservices Australia, and to all in your teams, we thank you for your contribution and wish for you to stay safe and well.

As an organisation devoted to helping people overcome their fear of flying so they can enjoy all the benefits of travel and exploration, we look forward to a time when social distancing requirements can be lifted and air travel can safely return to normal.

The shutdown has necessitated some changes to our schedule for 2020. Thank you for your understanding if the course you wanted to attend has been cancelled. 

We are closely following this rapidly-evolving situation and if any further changes are necessary, we will provide updates. We want to resume our normal course delivery as soon as it’s possible and safe to do so and look forward to seeing you then.

In the meantime, we encourage all our aspiring fearless flyers, our inspirational graduates and our supporters to stay well and use your quiet times at home to plan your next journeys.



2 thoughts on “A time to stay home and stay safe and well

  1. Hi there what occurs to the monies we’ve paid – will this carry to the next lot of courses when they’re scheduled etc – can you advise on this?? Thank you Hayley

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    1. Hi Hayley, yes your monies will carry to the next offered course or if this doesn’t work for you, the funds will be refunded. Our Registrar will be contacting all those who have booked for courses which are either cancelled or moved to a later date. Regards, Vicki Huggins Fearless Flyers


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