Fearless Flyers Inc. is a non-profit organisation that exists purely to help people overcome their fear of flying.

Fearless Flyers is the second oldest course of its kind in the world.

We would like the opportunity to work with you, or with someone you know, to show you why we think our courses are the best!

More than 1,500 people are now able to fly for pleasure or work after graduating from a Fearless Flyers course over the past four decades.

The program is run completely by a passionate team of volunteers keen to assist you to overcome your fear of flying.

There are courses running each year in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Our courses offer unparalleled access to aviation sector facilities including aircraft on the ground, air traffic control facilities and, in cities where they are available to us, flight simulators.

All the team members and lecturers give their time voluntarily and we employ psychologists in each city.

Our friendly Brisbane team!


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