Soaring to success

Congratulations to the 16 newest fearless graduates of the Melbourne Fear of Flying course! On Sunday 20 October, they took flight to Sydney where they celebrated their success with lunch. The group included residents of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Their courage and determination was so inspiring to the Melbourne Fearless team including helpers and … Continue reading Soaring to success

Sydney graduates celebrate!

Meet our 17 newest graduates of the Sydney Fear of Flying course who celebrated their successful flight to Melbourne on 22 September. Adventures await these inspiring men and women who have begun their journeys towards flying without fear. Well done to the team from Fearless Flyers, Qantas, the Bureau of Meteorology and Airservices Australia for … Continue reading Sydney graduates celebrate!

Up, up and away for Melbourne graduates

Eighteen inspiring men and women have started their journeys towards flying without fear after completing the latest Melbourne Fearless Flyers course.  The Fearless team thanks Qantas, Airservices Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology for their generous support of our program.  The Qantas crews on the flights to and from Sydney were very supportive and offered … Continue reading Up, up and away for Melbourne graduates

Sydney graduates soar

Congratulations to our first graduates of 2019 - 24 participants from this month's Sydney course! The graduation flight culminated with a celebration lunch in Melbourne. Well done....your courage is so inspiring.  Keep flying and keep us updated as your journey toward's fearless flying continues. #fearlessflyers

New graduates soar

Congratulations to our 21 newest graduates!  This amazing group of men and women celebrated their Sydney course success with a graduation lunch in Melbourne on September 23rd. A truly outstanding team effort of  Qantas, Airservices Australia, the Bureau of Meteorology and Fearless Flyers volunteers navigated the group from fearful to the start of fearless flying! … Continue reading New graduates soar

Happy graduates in Perth

Our 2018 Perth course graduated seven fearless flyers on 29 July. Congratulations to these inspiring men and women. We thank a great team from Qantas, Airservices Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology who delivered unique site visits and very informative presentations. The weekend culminated with a trip to Kalgoorlie but alas there was no time … Continue reading Happy graduates in Perth

Brisbane graduates take flight

Seven new Fearless graduates celebrated their graduation flight success in Sydney on Sunday 3 June. Check out the smiles from these Brisbane course participants!  Well done on taking this significant step towards fearless flying. We look forward to news of your adventures ahead. Fearless Flyer has three more courses  this year in Perth (July), Sydney … Continue reading Brisbane graduates take flight