Fearless Flyers has a remarkably high success rate with our courses

This comes down to our comprehensive program and unparalleled aviation sector access, together with individual attention for course participants.

Qantas staff giving course participants a close-up perspective on an aircraft engine

We cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the psychology of fear
    • Effective relaxation techniques
  • What makes an aircraft fly
    • Aircraft design, testing and maintenance
    • Navigation of commercial aircraft
  • The layers of safety built into the system, including the qualifications and training of:
    • Pilots
    • Engineers and
    • Cabin Crew
    • Air traffic control
  • Meteorology – turbulence (what causes it and what effect it has on an aircraft. Spoiler alert: it’s not the threat you may think it is!)
  • Weather forecasting for aviation
Course participants experiencing the cockpit
Fearless Flyers volunteers with a couple of course participants in Sydney

The course also includes the following tours where possible:

  • Comprehensive tour of a jet aircraft on the ground. Participants have the opportunity to visit the flight deck with a Pilot who will explain the basics of the flight deck and aircraft controls.
  • Tour of the aircraft cabin with a senior cabin crew.
  • Tour of the Air Traffic Control facilities with air traffic controllers where possible.
  • Tour of the flight simulator training facility and the emergency procedures training facility. (Note: this tour applies only in Sydney and Melbourne where these facilities are located.)
A couple of our Engineering supporters from the Brisbane team
More generous support from Qantas which gives course participants incredible access to information and aircraft
Course participants learning about aircraft at Perth Airport
A joyful course participant in the pilot’s seat!

Course costs

The cost of the course is $950.00

This includes:

  • All course materials and tours
  • Working with a qualified Consultant Psychologist
  • Your graduation flight
  • Relaxation audio is provided for you to use at home
  • A graduation lunch on the day of your graduation flight if flight times permit
Qantas cabin tour for course participants
Seat belts are fastened and we’re en route to Sydney. Congratulations to these newly-graduated Fearless Flyers!

Ready to find a course date that suits you?