CONGRATULATIONS – you’ve just taken an important step toward dealing with your fear of flying!

If you’re afraid to fly, you’re not alone. Almost one in four people have a fear of flying.

We understand and we’re here to help you with proven techniques. Our non-profit course offers you unparalleled access to aviation experts and facilities.

Now that you’ve taken the first step, let’s take the next step together!

We understand how hard it may have been for you to get to this point. We also understand what you could be missing out on as a result of your fear of flying:

  • A safe, fast and comfortable way to travel.
  • A great job, a promotion, an overseas adventure or an important family event
Cheers! Toasting a successful Melbourne course thanks to the generous Qantas cabin crew

Almost one in four people has a fear of flying

Would your life be more productive and your horizons wider if you could conquer this fear?

Your fear of flying is real and significant but you were not born with it. You learnt it.

Our courses are designed to help you to understand and deal with your fear.

You will:

  • learn about aviation from the professionals – for example pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft engineers and meteorologists.
  • tour aviation facilities not open to the public and tour jet aircraft first hand.
  • work with a psychologist to help you analyse your fear and teach you the techniques of relaxation and stress management.

Numbers for the course are strictly limited so that we can provide an informal, supportive environment.

The course culminates with a Qantas flight accompanied by the Fearless Flyers staff.


Check out that view of the sunset! That’s the sun setting on another successful Fearless Flyers course, with two of the graduates here on their return flight
Course participants touring at Sydney Airport


Confidentiality is very important, as we understand some people prefer to keep their participation in the course private.

Identities and details are protected and only first names are used during the course.

We look forward to helping you
overcome your fear of flying.

If you would like more information
about our courses
please contact us

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Another happy group of Brisbane course graduates. Well done to all!