We hope you enjoy this inspirational poem by graduate Toni Hunter as much as we did.

It spurs all of us on to keep doing what we do when we see how much it helps people, so thank you to Toni for letting us know in such a creative way! We love it.

Fearless Flyers

By Toni Hunter

The course dates were open; the application went in.
The decision was made; now the change can begin.

We arrived at Qantas; all scared and alone.
And were welcomed by ladies; who made it feel home.

Calm fearless flyers; is what we want to be.
Will we all get there? Just wait and see.

We spend the weekend; our heads in a spin.
Listening, watching, and taking it in.

Information supplied; things we didn’t know.
Tools that were given; for confidence to grow.

Rod was there to assist, and help guide us through.
To calm and relax; as the veiled panic grew.

A life without fear; a life without dread.
A life without demons; sitting inside our head.

The course couldn’t exist; it couldn’t be done.
If it weren’t for the staff; of which pay there is none.

They volunteer their time; together a team,
To give us a chance, of something we dream.

The weekend is over; the flight is now booked,
Maybe it’s not as scary; as it first looked.

For now we are fearless, and ready to fly,
With confidence growing; we take to the sky.

The course is now over, it’s time for goodbyes.
We say our farewells; with tears in our eyes.

The journey has just started; the places are new,
The choices are endless; it’s just up to you.

Beautiful Queensland scene from one of the graduation flights