I just wanted to share with you my experience since the fearless flying course in Perth last year.

Firstly, the course was fantastic. Best value of any courses I have ever been on!  Couldn’t rate it highly enough.

Two weeks, following the course I had a train ride booked to Adelaide on the Indian Pacific.  That was booked beforehand, so I did it anyway and drove back to Perth with my dad.

Then I booked a flight to Exmouth to catch up with my family a few weeks later…. A bit scary but totally fine.  It was a low and thick cloud landing without a hitch so that was cool.

Then I kind of went from strength to strength. Being lucky enough to fly for work I flew to Sydney for a conference in June, then the Gold Coast (personal) then Brisbane (work).  Then Darwin in August, Melbourne speaking at a conference in October, then another speaking enagement in Melbourne in November and on to Tassie… .etc.

So I have made it to every capital city in Australia in the last 10 months which I’m really proud of and really thankful to you.

See attached I have made a map of where I have flown.

I have come to love flying.  As an engineer I love the engineering aspects of flying.  I have got into using a flight simulator at home and love that.  Now getting on a plane is a thing of interest and dare I say it almost relaxing (kicking back watching a movie).

You probably get lots of these stories! Happy to share mine at an upcoming course if you like.


Flown to every capital city in 10 months