I just wanted to take the time to write a few lines about my experience with the Fearless Fliers program which I graduated from last Sunday in Melbourne after flying to Sydney return.

This was nothing short of amazing. The opportunities to expand my learning about the aviation industry by actually being in a simulator, visiting the Air Traffic Control Tower, having access to engineers and pilots to ask questions were so valuable and I am honestly in awe of the program and the volunteers who make it possible.

The care, commitment, concern and kindness of all of the volunteers and program facilitators was of the highest degree and I at all times felt safe, nurtured and free to express and learn about a phobia that has long troubled me and limited my life.

Where to now for me? I still have a lot of reinforcement, brain re-training and practice to go before I get good at this. But, I truly believe that I have given myself an amazing start by signing up to and going through this course. One of the hardest and challenging – but most rewarding things that I have ever had to do.

I thank all of the volunteers and organizers from the bottom of my heart.

In awe of the program and the volunteers